Photography On A Boat – Best Way To Get Some Of The Greatest Landscape Photographs


If you switch on my desktop PC you will see that I have a beautiful boat cutting the water gracefully with our local pier in the background. This photo tells a lot about me and my choices. No, I did not buy this wallpaper from any sites online which offer natural wallpapers. This photo is my own photo taken by me with my own camera.

Yes, I am a photographer and I get very interested to capture natural aspects. I have a good camera with me, and I am always ready to get the next best photograph for my collection. Actually if you have a flair for photography you can come up with pretty decent images. An instinct and a good quality camera is all you need to make you a good photographer.

Now, if you look into that wallpaper on my desktop, you will see that the little white boat has my initials on it. That is because it is my own boat and I am quite passionate about boating too. During my childhood, my dad had a farmhouse near a lake and we always used to go for boating. So I had my basic lessons of boating a long time back. Now that I have a boat of my own I know that it is a very difficult job to actually maintain one in the top condition.

Though my boat has not given me any sorts of trouble yet I believe in keeping it healthy and in the best running condition. I have had quite a few trips on my boat to nearby islands. It is a heaven for photography enthusiasts like me. The uninhabited islands have loads of natural beauty and I have captured a few glimpses which I found attractive.

If I look at my last trip I took to one of these islets, there is one photo of which I am really proud. I captured an early morning scene in which the little peaks of the island are crowded by sea gulls. The morning sun, the slight mist, the peaks and the birds just made it one of my best landscape photos ever. Such moments are rare to find and that is why a camera always proves to be handy to me. With such pictures I have always had beautiful landscape wallpaper on my desktop captured by my camera.

Though boating is fun, one will need to be responsible to maintain a boat. I have always made it a point to never go out on a trip without a well equipped first aid box. This is the basic feature regarding safety precautions. Secondly I always rely on my GPD systems for navigation. I am good with directions and do not lose my way but one should never take such chances. Nowadays one gets interactive GPS kits which are quite easy to use and online portals have made them all the more affordable. Another essential item is the fire extinguisher as this little gadget can avoid a catastrophe.

About the author:

Joe Bidder is an adventurist and an amateur photographer. He has been regularly posting on his blogs about his boating expeditions and the photos taken by him. He states that the key to take beautiful landscape wallpaper is not the timing but the instinct and a very good quality camera.

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